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Jar Restock (39% margin)

Jar Restock (39% margin)

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2 Cases of 8 jars

Margin to gym: 39%

Revenue to gym: $400

Minimum price per Jar: $24.99 per jar


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Peak Performance Packed In A Gummy

Control Your Caffeine - One gummy an hour keeps you focused and jitter-free for long days of adventure.

Portable & Delicious - One dose weighs 10x less than an energy drink, without sacrificing flavor!

Improved Performance - With the perfect blend of caffeine and collagen, BoulderBears keep your mind sharp and your fingers strong.

Eco-Friendly - One dose of BoulderBears produces less than 1/10 the waste of an energy drink!

Committed & Focused - 5% of profits are donated to helping non-profit rock climbing and outdoor organizations.

5 gummies is equivalent to 1 cup of coffee or a RedBull

We are made by climbers, for climbers!

We don't just talk the talk, we climb the rock! All of our products are designed especially for climbers and field tested by our team in the gym and at the crag.