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Our mission is to offer climbers just the right kind of energy to crush their climbs. All flash, no crash!

BoulderBears are the world's first performance gummy bear, made with the perfect blend of caffeine and collagen to keep your mind sharp and your fingers strong. 

BoulderBears was created by climbers, for climbers. We don't just talk the talk, we climb the rock!

All of our products are designed especially for climbers and field tested by our team in indoor and outdoor environments.

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Hi, I'm Matthew!

I grew up in North Carolina and I was always monkeying around from a young age. My parents had to wrestle my brother and I off of the door frames. In highschool I fell in love with weightlifting and fell down the health and wellness rabbit hole only to find that my relationship with the barbell wasn’t so healthy. I knew I needed to stay active and turned to my local rock wall and fell in love immediately. 

The friends I made from climbing became my closest, the memories I made climbing became my favorites. I was, and still am, completely consumed by my love for this sport and the incredible people it attracts. Through my background in weightlifting, I had experience with traditional shaker bottle pre-workouts, energy drinks, and coffee, but none of them really seemed to meet my needs at the crag. You can't really stuff an open can in your pad & everyone with a shaker bottle has a popped lid horror story. 

Gummy bears and gummy worms were a crag tradition. For the collagen, for the flavor, for the sugar. After the 100th time my friends and I dug into a bag of candy at the crag, I looked at the gummies and thought: why not put my preworkout in something I already bring to the crag & the rest is history.

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